About Senshu towel

About Senshu towel

Senshu towel is a pure and hygienic towel made in Japan “Senshu” .
Senshu towel has been following the traditional process to make towels for 130 years.

The towel aimed for “self care”

Unlike import towels pursuing only cheap manufacturing or fancy designed towels for gifts, Senshu towel has been continuing to make towels for everyday use, with comfort in mind for 130 years.
Senshu towel is the perfect size for daily use. Exquisite thickness, fast drying, absorbs water immediately and well. It is extremely clean and hygienic because there are no impurities at all after the specific bleaching process called “Atozarashi”. (You don’t need to wash the towel before start using it!) We have been keeping this method since Senshu towel was established.
Simple and functional Senshu towel is a symbolic existence of Osaka’s manufacturing culture.

The beauty of simplicity, pure and hygienic towel

Since the method of manufacturing towels was established in 1887, Senshu towel has been following the unique manufacturing method called “Atozarashi”. Atozarashi method consist in bleaching and washing process at the very end of towel weaving process. It means all the impurities such as glue (used to weave towels), oil (naturally presented in the yarn) are all cleanly removed at the very last moment. So that the original water absorbency possessed by the yarn is maximised. This is how “Senshu towel” becomes a superior towel in terms of water absorption, softness, purity and hygiene.