About us

About Us

We are Senshu towel manufacturing, and sales company with 55 years of foundation located in Senshu Japan.
Our towel “taoru” is respectfully woven one by one in our own factory following the traditional Senshu towel manufacturing method.
We work hard to provide made in Japan quality and simple, handy and affordable towels.

Ultimate “self-care” towel

Since Our establishment, we have been pursuing towels for daily use.
Our towel “taoru” is simple appearance, but with exquisite thickness for the best absorbency, quick drying and soft and comfortable texture. Our 55 years of study and experience makes this high quality, functional and pleasant towels.
In addition, by keeping to make “simple” towels, we are succeeding to offer the towels with quite reasonable price range compare to the other domestic towels, although it is safe and high quality Senshu towel made in Japan.
We would like everyone to use safe and good quality towels. Because towel is something we use everyday and we always keep in mind to make towels to provide happiness and comfort for everybody, in everyday life, with affordable price.
taoru.com Product Manager Toshio Kitashoji

Established in 1962

My father started the towel business in 1962, which is now in its 56th year.
This Senshu region has developed as a leader of Japanese towel production, however, we had huge impact from large-scale and cheap importation towels from overseas in the 1990s, and there are now only about 10% of the factories remaining in this region that used to be more than 1,000. In 1997, to overcome this difficult period, I started to sell our towels online, and launched EC site of towel, probably it was the fist EC site specialized in towel in Japan.
Thanks to the sales performance on the internet for more than 20 years, now I have passion to introduce our Senshu towel to not only domestic, but also overseas customers who are aware of good quality products and quality life.
Tamaryu Silk factory Representative Toshikazu Kitashoji